While we have needed to move the entire TEDxSydney event online due to COVID and the resulting restrictions on gathering in person, we believe we have created an online version of the event that will, to the extent possible, deliver on all of the things that TEDxSydney is known to deliver. This includes exposure to thought-provoking and original content (talks, performances and films), real time interaction with other attendees, opportunities to engage with and discover new ideas, chances to engage with our speakers and partners, and some of the other serendipitous things that happen at a TEDxSydney event.

For the TEDxSydney 2020, the registration fee unlocks access to our dedicated event platform, which provides exclusive access to the following:
  • TEDxSydney Main Stage Sessions live stream. We will be broadcasting the event live from a studio and only those who have purchased tickets will be able to access this broadcast. We will not be providing free access to the live stream this year.
  • TEDxSydney Discovery Sessions. In lieu of the in-person Hub and activities during the breaks, we have designed 27 Discovery Sessions that attendees can attend during the breaks. You can read more about these Discovery Session options here.
  • Meet the Speaker Q&A Sessions. There will be Meet the Speaker Q&A sessions, where speakers will be interviewed by one of our team, and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Connection Sessions. Attendees will have the ability to join a small-group video table with other attendees, to make new connections in an intimate setting. We know that one of the benefits of attending in-person events is meeting the other attendees and we are designing these connection sessions to facilitate an online version.
  • Post-event access to recorded session videos. All of the Main Stage, Meet the Speaker Q&A, and (most of) the Discovery Sessions will be recorded for re-watching post-event. (Individual talks and performances will, as always, be edited and available for free on our website after the event.)
  • Live Text Chat. Throughout the day and within most of the sessions listed above, there will be opportunities for attendees to participate in live text chats with other attendees, as well as speakers past and present.
In addition to the above activities delivered through the online event platform, attendees will receive:
  • an opportunity to be part of our virtual studio audience, which is a select group of attendees whose faces will be visible to the speakers and performers, sharing the love and responding to their talks via video conference; and
  • a physical mystery package, if you activate your registration prior to 28 October.
We are conscious that a virtual event is a different experience than an in-person event, but we have done our best to create an online experience that stay true to the spirit of TEDxSydney within the restrictions of these challenging times. We hope you will join us!